<– This is me.

My name is Ivaylo Durmonski. I am a runner, reader, blogger, thinker.

Almost world famous on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

What I love: Running 5k, 10k, jump roping, reading (I am kind of a bookworm), hiking, riding my bicycle, blogging, nicely designed websites, using WordPress, these kicks. I am devoted to reading, study, analyzing every possible situation. Yes, I am quite a boring guy.

What I write for: Online stuff, business, books, thoughts and questions about life, aspiration, how to keep moving, living with less.

What I hate: Waiting, in line, in traffic, in stores. I know, it sounds confusing but I really hate waiting. Life is too short to wait for things to happen. That’s why I keep moving, hustling doing stuff. Also, bureaucracy, politics, TV, cheap advertisement and fake people.

My Story:

Who I am (short story): Previously addicted to alcohol, girls and being liked by everybody. Now, mostly drinking water, coffee, engaged to a beautiful girl and hustling towards the stuff I want to achieve without caring what others think.

Who I am (longer story): My full name is Ivaylo Georgiev Durmonski. I am from Plovdiv, Bulgaria and I was born in 1988. An average, fat, shy schoolboy, life was quite hard back then. I wasn’t popular, I didn’t get any attention from the cool girls and I was quite lost in terms what I want to do with my life. Later, not surprisingly, I found comfort in alcohol, which led to several years of degeneration.

My wake-up call…

From a person who until the age of 20 probably read 3 books, I’ve become a person who was reading a book per week. I found answers, to what was back then important to me, and I was able to find my path one step at a time. Only a few years later, I was able to quit smoking, drinking, got engaged, I found what I want to do with my life and I’ve purchased an apartment. Now, I exercise regularly and I finally found a meaningful goal to pursue – help more people escape from their mediocre lifestyle, find their path and hopefully, start living at their full potential. One of the quotes I try to live by:

Be a symbol of honor, glory, strength, a sign of perseverance and dignity. Be an honest, stubborn and a worthy person – only so, you will become stronger and reach true glory in your life.”


What you will find inside:

Articles: Articles, about life. About our daily joys, struggles, opportunities. It’s not like I have all the answers. Or, that you should listen to me. This is something you will decide on your own. Simply, I have my point of view on how things should be and I really hope that it can help you in improve. Get there ->

Book Reviews: Simply reading a book is not enough to make the most of it. Taking notes is crucial if you want to squeeze all the knowledge inside. I often forget what a single book taught me. That’s why I decided to document all the books I currently have. Summarize the essentials, the wisdom they provide. In my book review section, you will find key takeaways from top-rated books. I read mostly books from the following genres: business, finance, self-help, psychology, strategy. Get there ->

Short Books: Concise, easy to read books – they are all around fifty pages in length. The goal is to give you some level of knowledge, skills on a specific topic, rather than trying to comprehensively cover the whole subject. They won’t necessarily give you all the answers but will provide enough information so you can get a good grasp of the subject, put it into greater context, and provide strong reasoning on what you can do with those skills today, tomorrow, and beyond. Get there ->

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