How Drifting Through Life is Affecting us

Although dynamic, life is quite monotonous in terms of what we do daily. Statistically, we make around 10, 000 steps, drive around 10 km, lift more than 20 kilos in total per day. However, often it feels that we are doing pretty much the same thing day after day. Even though some of the stuff we do are helping us improve – like reading, exercising, working towards our goals – there are other things that are quite on the contrary – destroying us.

You’ve seen it, done it, felt it. There are things we do, things we keep, things we say that are slowly destroying our lives. Probably you are not aware of all of them but these things exist.

By now, you may be thinking – “Yes, I know – I should quit smoking, drinking, eating junk food.”

Rather obvious things, right? However, the three above, are just a few of the stuff that are slowly killing us.

Before I tell you more, let’s first answer this question:


What kind of person is one who is drifting through life?

A person who is drifting, floating through life is one who leads himself to be controlled by circumstances. Someone who lives with whatever live throws at him without ever questioning or fighting for something better. These people don’t know what they want from life and often take the opinion of the people around them, never standing their own ground, their own opinion, simply because they don’t have one.

It doesn’t sound like you, does it? But who am I to judge.

Let me list the most common things we do daily that are affecting our lives in a negative way so you can see if this is part of your life:


Most Common 7 Things People are Doing Making Them Drift Through Life

1. Being Lazy

Here is what you will hear inside a lazy person mind when he decided that he will work out:

“I am too tired today, I will work out tomorrow”

“Today is too cold. I will work out tomorrow”

“I will first go with my friends out and work out later.”

At the end, he decided that he doesn’t need to exercise or he finds another fancy thing that he “will” do.

Do you know what’s the favorite task of a lazy person? Come on, I am sure you know? Sleeping of course.

On weekends when I was a teenager, I’ve never set my clock to get up at a particular time. I slept how much I wanted and when I woke up I’ve spent around an hour trying to get up. Needless to say that I hated getting up early and going to school during the week.

When I thought about then, I realized that I didn’t feel that I had something important to do back then. Thus, I didn’t need to get up early. I didn’t have a lot of responsibilities that needed my attention. Which is totally my fault (and probably a small part I owe to my parents).

There is only one cure that will save your ass from oversleeping most of your life – getting the fuck up and start doing the shit you need!


2. Smoking

We usually start smoking to impress a girl, join a particular group of people in school, overcome stress or a negative life event. Even though we think that this won’t last long, some people continue smoking till their very end.

Smoking is a clear sign that we don’t have control over our mind and our actions.

This horrible habit is slowly killing us, costing us money and making us stink.

And that’s only the start. Smoking comes with some extras.


3. Drinking

What better addition to a cigarette than a glass of whiskey, vodka or a mix of the two (just kidding; or am I?).

Alcoholism is a serious problem all over the world. The bad thing is that a lot of people don’t actually know they have a problem. They think they have control over this and often they realize there is an actual issue after they wake up at the dumpster.

Been there done that.

You wake up somewhere and you can’t remember what you’ve done. You call your girlfriend and she doesn’t want to speak with you. Same thing with your friends.

If at that time you say – “Fu** them, they don’t understand.” – you have a serious issue dude.


4. Sex

And here I don’t mean making love to your spouse.

I am referring to the state where you are constantly looking for a mate to hump. When it’s hard for you to focus when there is a potential partner around or you are going out daily to find a different sex partner.

Also, sex addicts spend an awful amount of time watching porn and “reading” magazines.


5. Never Thinking Things Through

Drifting through life in a lot of ways involves lack of real thoughts:

  • Not thinking about the future.
  • Not thinking clearly.
  • Not thinking at all.

You’ve probably seen them – people with nothing in their eyes – empty inside, no spark or desire to achieve something.

These people just exist, so to speak. They welcome each day with disgust, complaints, and desire to end before it even started.


6. Never Having an Opinion

This is something really powerful. Something that will consume your life, if after reading this you are still doing or not doing anything about it. The media, the religion, the educational program and even our parents have something to do here.

From very little we have been brainwashed. We were thought that certain things are done in a certain way and that “we can’t argue with that, or is just what it is”. Certain ideas and point of views were installed deep in our brains and yes, you can blame your mom for that.

Are you religious? Are you afraid of something but you don’t really know why? Did you go to the school where you wanted? Are you working the same job as one of your parents? Whose idea was all of this?

Ever since we were born, we were taking the opinion, the point of view from the people that are surrounding us. Which is inevitable.

Some of us are doing it right – year after year, they form their own opinion, craft their universe and perspective for the world. However, this doesn’t apply to all.

Daily I communicate with people still living with their parents, believe what the guys from the news are saying, accept other people opinion just because it’s easier.

These people never take life seriously and will probably never do something on their own, just because they don’t think that way. They are used to laying low and hiding behind others.

Do you agree with me on this, or you have your own opinion?


7. Being Negative

People floating through life are always in a bad mood. They think in a negative way, which leads to negative actions.

These guys are always finding the bad inside the good and will even try to convince the people around them that they are right.

Outside is cloudy but the weather is nicely cool – “Great, another day without any sun. And the weather lady yesterday mentioned that it will be really warm today. ”

The next day is warm and the sun is shining – “This sun was probably sent from hell. What’s going on, my eyes are burning!”

The people you hang with have a huge impact on your own perspective. Even if you are a really positive guy or girl but you hang with people who are constantly “sad” – this won’t last long. Either you will leave this group of people or you are going to become negative yourself.

Find happiness in the little things in life and be careful with who you spend your time.


How to Recognize People Drifting Through Life

You can easily recognize such people – a complete absence of an important goal in life, a lack of self-esteem, rarely ending things that they begin, often ill, without imagination, enthusiasm, constantly complaining, eating a lot, never exercise, criticizing people who are working towards their goals, gambling.

Drifters spend pretty much everything they earn and never have savings. Credit card companies rely on these people.

If you ask them they will say that they are “real experts” in any field but in reality, they don’t specialize in anything.


Are There any Exceptions?

Yeah, but I know people that smoke and drink and they are still doing great in life.

Of course, nobody’s perfect. We all do stupid things that are not 100 percent efficient or clever. Still, there is a huge difference between someone who is floating through life and someone who has clear idea of what he is doing.

Happy, successful people are always busy and working towards achieving a specific goal. They passionately pursue it and never give up till they reach it.

You can see the spark in their eyes, the way they talk, walk and speak with people is inspiring. They are always at the forefront and never accuse others of their own mistakes.


To Recap

What kind of person are you?

Are you the person who is constantly complaining and postponing tasks for tomorrow or you the type of breed that will do anything to achieve his goals?

It’s hard to admit our mistakes even only to ourselves, right?

Here is a list of things you can start doing that will help you unstuck and escape the negative state:

  • Take control over your own thoughts and actions. Meditating can help here.
  • Analyze things and think before you act.
  • Replace all the bad habits with good ones.
  • Find your own purpose and pursue it at all costs.

In a nutshell – use your mind and constantly do things that will enrich it.

If you read all this and you are thinking – “Holy crap. I can’t believe I am reading this shit and I am listening to this guy.” That’s ok. Just tell your mom to make you a sandwich and you will feel way better.

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