The Easy Way vs The Hard Way – What to choose?

Watching television and going out, drinking, was my favorite activity for pretty much 10 years. I didn’t have a plan nor I knew want I want to do in the future. I was simply enjoying my life without thinking that there will be consequences. Well, there were. After all, you can’t expect that you will so easily recover after 10 years of drinking, smoking and chasing women. At around 25 I realized that I will no longer spend my time doing things that aren’t productive or such that are not helping me grow as a person. It was way harder than I thought, but it was worth it.

Living, nowadays, can easily be separated in two different categories: the easy way and the hard way of living. As you can imagine, the easy life is easy and the hard life is hard. Quite obvious. As a person who lived on both sides, I can tell you something right from the start: don’t settle for the easy stuff, you will eventually regret it and pay a much higher prize.

In this article, I will compare these two completely different lifestyles from my point of view – the easy way vs the hard way – and will show you what are the typical activities for each of these two lives. Let’s dive in:


The Easy Way

Not that life is so complicated, but there are certain things that can make it even easier and more enjoyable. Beware though, there are consequences.

Let’s see how the easy life looks like:

  • Sleeping till noon: Why bother waking up early? You don’t have anything better to do, also, most of the good coffee shops open later during the day and are actually called pubs.
  • Eating whatever food you want: There are some really good meals prepared by other human beings: burgers, fries, burritos, hot dogs, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, fried chicken. It’s much easier to buy a burger, even make one yourself, than preparing a salad with potatoes cooked in the oven. Who has time to wait 30 minutes for a mear, right? You just go to the drive through and you get two burgers with fries and soda for just a couple of bucks. Yeah, you may gain some weight but who cares? We live life to enjoy it.
  • Avoid working out: Exercises, running outdoors, jump roping, cycling, or whatever type of activity, is something you can do only in these three conditions: 1) If you’re really bored; 2) If you’re doing it to hook up with a girl you like; 3) There is no one else to go out with.
  • Rely on your parents: Going to work involves a lot of effort and stress. If your parents are rich, you should benefit from this situation as long as possible. Even if they’re not rich, they should still take care of your needs. They made you, right? So, they need to take care of you.
  • Working a job: If the above is not an option or if you can’t financially rely 100% on your parents, you should find some kind of a job. Well, we all need to make some cash. It doesn’t quite matter what kind of job you will have. As long as it’s easy and it doesn’t sweat you much, it’s fine.
  • Take it easy: Even if you end up working for someone, don’t get too excited or think that you should push yourself. Come to work exactly on time and leave as soon as your working hours are over. Take regular brakes and do as little work as possible. You don’t want to be promoted. Promotion means more work and more work ain’t easy.
  • Procrastinate: It has never been more fun to procrastinate in life. You can scroll through social media. Download a game on your phone within seconds and kill an hour playing. Buy a console and kill a whole weekend in a virtual place. There are so cool things you can do. That’s why it’s really important to work as little as possible.
  • It’s never your fault: Remember, it’s never your fault. No matter what happens, you’re not to blame. It’s always someone else who is to blame. You’re living an easy life, remember? Even if you made some kind of a mistake, look around and see who was the one responsible, because it ain’t you.
  • Complain: Otherwise, how will people understand that you want a salary increase or that the meal prepared from your mother wasn’t so good? You should complain about all kinds of things: about your salary, about the weather, about the car your drive, about the house you live in, about the services you receive from different companies, about the people you see and communicate with. Make sure to share your disappointment with as many people as possible. If there aren’t a lot of people around you in the current moment, use social media as a tool to tell the world.
  • Own a lot of stuff: You need a lot of things in order to feel and look good. But more importantly, you need more stuff to make other people jealous. Clothes, tools, gadgets, video games, the latest phone, laptop, headphones, glasses, watches, shoes, bags. Don’t hold back on your desires. You should own whatever your fancy without thinking much about the costs. If you can make someone else purchase the thing you like it will be best.
  • Don’t bother arranging your stuff: Usually, when you have a lot of things it will require some time for arrangement all of it. However, who has time to put an order in his closet? Time is to short for such a task. Smart people control the chaos, remember?
  • Throw away things whatever you like: If you don’t like something, or you have some trash left over after eating an ice cream, throw it away. On the ground. Through the window. Leave it underneath the table. It doesn’t matter. There are other things, much more important things that you need to worry about, and throwing away trash into the trash bit is not one of them.
  • Take credits: Bankers created credits for a reason: to purchase stuff now, at this moment. You no longer have to wait several months to save money in order to get something you kind of like. You can easily get it, and enjoy it now. You can worry about returning the money later. Who knows, you might inherit some cash from your grandma.
  • Live for the moment: The future is so uncertain, why plan at all? It’s much better and easier to live for the current moment without troubling your mind about what will happen after several months or even after several days. Drink, dance, eat, have sex with people. What’s the worst that can happen?
  • Don’t give a damn about others: On average, we’ll interact with more than 80,000 people during our entire life.1 Do you think that there is time to consider other people’s opinion? I don’t believe there is. If you care solely about your ass, you feel much better and you won’t worry your mind with unnecessary things. It’s much easier to treat only yourself.
  • Party: Clubs and discos are your sanctuaries. If you truly live for something, this is going out. No matter the day of the week, you should enjoy life at fullest.
  • Monogamy is for old people: As a person living in the 21st century, you should have the option to be with different people despite the fact that you’re married or in a relationship. Who can resist a gorgeous woman, or a man in the club?
  • Substances: Consuming alcohol, cigarettes, drugs is only bad if you stop doing it. Chill, pour a drink, light up a cigaret and enjoy your life. Don’t take things too seriously, because they’re not.
  • Till you graduate: After you graduate school, or college, wherever, you can throw away all of your notebooks. You know everything you need after you graduated, don’t waste your time reading books.

It’s much easier to party all night long and don’t think about the future. Everything from the list above will help you enjoy life at fullest but will probably make you regret it at some point.


The Hard Way

The hard way is obviously a tough way of living. You’ll work harder without any type of recognition or obvious benefit for a really long time. Still, at some point, this will be more rewarding than anything else you can do in your life.

Let’s see how the hard life looks like:

  • Get up early: Waking up early, around 07:00, before the whole world is a virtue that few people possess. It’s much harder and it requires a lot of discipline but it has one major benefit: you have more time. We can never fully use the 24 hours we’re all granted each day. Still, by waking up early, you’re squeezing the maximum of the day.
  • Eat healthy food: The older you get, the more strict your diet should be. Watch what you put in your mouth and avoid the abnormal consumption of unhealthy meals. It’s hard to resist the temptation, I know. People often buy cakes for their birthdays in the company I work for. As we are more than 200 people in one office, you can imagine how often we have cakes in the kitchen – really often, like 2 days in a single week probably. Not that I’m complaining, but since I’m doing my best to avoid eating sweet things, you can understand my situation. I avoid going to the kitchen resist the temptation.
  • Exercising regularly: Eating healthy food and working out is a must when the years start piling up. It’s really hard to juggle between work duties and family obligation when you’re getting older but by not working out you’re basically betraying your own body. We’re eating and sleeping every day, right? So, we should also do something to keep our body thriving no matter our age or gender.
  • Be independent: Complete independence is not something I wish to anyone. This will mean to isolate yourself from the world and go live in the woods, which might seem like a good thing but after a while, I’m sure you will be bored. Homo sapiens was able to achieve the wonders we see nowadays thanks to the way we communicate with each other. Still, you should be able to take care of yourself and your family with as little help as possible from other beings.
  • Doing meaningful work: A lot of people ask themselves “What is the meaning of life?” and search for the answer their whole lives. I asked myself the same question a while ago and the only answer that came into my mind that wasn’t really absurd was this: The sole purpose of our existence is to help humanity and the world advance for the better. Working a regular job is easy. You don’t need a special skill set to work in a cubicle, and there is always a need for such people. However, if you really want to be satisfied with the work you do, you should strive to do something that will help the fellow humans advance.
  • Do your best work: Even if you still haven’t found your true calling, don’t settle for average. I’m sure you know a lot of people who do just enough work to avoid being fired, without ever thinking of improving their results. Such people are the ones who choose the easy way. Don’t be like them.
  • Be busy: There is a big difference between looking busy and actually doing some work. When you caught yourself skimming true Facebook or Twitter the next time, think about this: “How watching clips with animals is helping me improve?” The answer is, “It doesn’t!” When you’re working, work. Avoid doing anything else.
  • What you did wrong: In a lot of situation you’re not the one to blame but blaming others won’t help you at all. In the famous book by Dale Carnegie: How to Win Friends and Influence People, he urges us to avoid judging others at any costs. Instead, try to see what you did wrong or how you can better communicate with people in a different situation. Remember, you can’t improve others, but you can change the way you handle the outside world.
  • Be reasonable: It’s a lot easier to bitch about different things happening around you, and a lot harder to try to understand the other party. If you’re wondering why your boss is not increasing your salary, it might be because you don’t deserve a raise. Or, the company you work for is not good enough for you. Regardless of what’s true, you have the power to either be a man and speak with your boss in private about it or quit.
  • Minimum possessions: I used to think that having a closet full of clothes is something that I should aim for. After awhile, you understand that being able to dress in style with fewer clothes is way better. This doesn’t apply only to your closet, no. Let’s say you buy the same equipment, the same clothes as a world-famous musician, do you think that you can play as good as him? Do you get it? Stuff doesn’t matter. What matter is improving your talent.2
  • Organize: My working day is not over till I arrange my desk for the following day. I often want to skip this step and go straight to the couch but I know that I will hate myself on the next day if I don’t arrange my computer and other stuff I have on my desk.
  • Recycle: Maybe your colleagues, friends, even spouse don’t recycle or don’t care where they will throw away their trash but you should. The change should start from somewhere and why not start with you. Not that I’m such an environmentalist myself, but I try to educate the people around me to throw away stuff in the designated places.
  • Save money: It’s ok to want to buy a new laptop or a new car, things get old. Still, it’s way better to do it when you’ve saved enough money and not go to the bank to withdraw money on credit. You will feel much better knowing that you’ve purchased a new car with your own money, not with the bank’s money. Also, you won’t pay for interest.
  • Make a plan: You certainly can’t predict what will happen after one year but you can do everything in your powers to reach the desired destination. You can’t build a house if you don’t first think about how exactly you’re going to build it. The same applies for our lives in general. Think about what you want from life and don’t stop till you’re there.
  • Care about your peeps: Helping your spouse, your family members and the people around you is probably the best thing you can do in a day. You won’t only help the person across, this will also make you feel better. The feeling that you helped someone is indescribable.
  • Be faithful: Be faithful to your closest people. Be someone that others can trust and never share the secrets that others shared with you. The ugliest thing you can do to your spouse is to cheat on her/him.
  • Moderate consumption: Having a drink or enjoying a cigarette can be relieving after a long day of work. Everybody needs to relax every now and then. I used to drink and smoke a lot back in the days and now I do neither. The sole thought that something that small can influence the way I act in certain situations is now unbearable.
  • Learn: School is not over till you die. Whatever kind of job or work you do, remember that you shouldn’t stop educating yourself. Reading is probably the best habit you might gain.

Getting up early and eating salads is surely not something a lot of people will prefer doing on a daily basis. We’re used to treat ourselves and spoil our children to a point that there is no turning back. It’s harder to save some cash but at the end of the day you will be much happier and fulfilled knowing that you raised money all by yourself.


To Recap

As you can imagine, probably more than 95% of the world population chooses the easy way of living. No one wants to get up early and exercise. Hell, I don’t want either. Pretty much every morning I have a discussion with myself where my lower self is trying to convince me to go back to sleep while my consciousness is helping me get up. I’ve been getting up at around 07:00 in the morning for quite some while now and I still struggle with that. Despite how sleepy I am or how tired I am, I still get up and exercise every day. I do it because I feel much better after the training and I also have much more time at my disposal.

You can eat burgers, settle for less, don’t think about what job you will do and purchase things on credit, but where will this lead you? Probably on the couch struggling to get your fat body up.

If you really want to make a difference, to succeed, and live a happier life, than you should work harder every day.



  1. Source: Link
  2. I recently started my own personal site where I share my minimalist journey. The site is called It’s about owning less stuff and focusing on the essentials in life.
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