A New Year Resolution – How to Start the New Year Properly

365 days is the exact amount of time 2017 had to offer. Precisely the same amount of time the new, 2018, will offer. Again, 365 days. Initially, it always seems like a lot of time to achieve a lot of things. Well, we all know how this plays out. We “wake-up” in the middle of the year thinking, “What did the hell happen with the last six months?” If you, like me, are wondering how to start the New Year properly, let’s both sit down and dig deep into this post. 

The beginning of a new year offers something much more than 365 days, a new date that we always need a few months to remember, a round of birthdays, vacations, and an opportunity to get ripped. Each new year offers an illusionary blank slate. A chance to forget our previous problems, worrying us through the year, and an opportunity to start from scratch. I know, in most of the cases it’s easier to say than to do. Still, holding on to bad thoughts, filling, consuming your mind, stacking up problems that are so unnecessary, won’t quite help.

No matter how shitty, unpleasant, even successful your life was during the previous year, it does not mean it will be same throughout the new one. I say successful because we often get blinded by our previous successes that we stop trying, pushing for more. The ego of a lot of people and businesses can get so boosted by a particular event, that they start to think that everything in the future will be a walk in the park. Resting on your laurels is never an option if you want to stay on top.


So what should we do when the new year comes?

It depends. What’s your ultimate purpose? What are your goals, desires, dreams?

Don’t rush to the nearest gym and buy a one-year subscription plan. We both know you won’t last that long and this money will be wasted. The new year is a great time for resolution, both looking back to what you’ve done and what’s still left to be achieved.

That being said, I’ve created a short list of things that you should consider doing, changing, thinking about, working on improving, throughout the new upcoming year. I have divided them into the following categories:

  • Necessary things – Obviously,  things you should start doing from day one – or 1st of January to be more precise.
  • Important things – Long-term related stuff.
  • Highly recommended – You-can-live-without-but-I-dare-you-to-not kind of things.
  • Optional things – Mostly things that will help you escape from the monotonous everyday life.

All ideas and thoughts below are simply an excerpt of the real things every one of us must do during the following year. Also, please note that if you had an awesome previous year, this doesn’t automatically mean that you should rest. Quite the opposite.

Here’re they are, list of things that will help you start the new year properly:


Necessary things for the new year

Emerge from the shit that you managed to sink in last year.

To be more precise: stop drinking, smoking – both cigarettes and weed – cheating on your spouse, paying for prostitutes, eating junk food, sleeping till noon, taking credits. It’s easy to spend money that’s not yours. Exactly for that reason, banks and credit institutions are blooming. It’s easy to drink too. Being drunk is a state that lets you escape from all of your current problems and makes everything looks and sounds amazing. Hell, even your coworker – who you previously thought was ugly and dull – seems fun and nice looking. The three main reasons people drink are: 1) Elevate positive mood; 2) Alleviate negative mood and anxiety; 3) Increase confidence. Do this for a certain period of time and you will soon find yourself buying liquor before you even had something for breakfast.

These are all easy paths, cheats, that will make you feel good for a short period of time, but eventually, you will have to pay the full price, with all the interest. That’s what happens to all cheaters. They eventually get caught. Yeah, I know this sucks, but Karma doesn’t care. She is a bitch. Like we’ve all heard.

The first and most important thing you can do for yourself in the morning of 1st of January is, wait for it, slap yourself so hard that your neighbors will call the police on you. Drastic times call for drastic measures. If you live life the easy way: drink, smoke, have sex, spend more money than you have, you should realize that there is something seriously wrong with you. If you really want to benefit from the upcoming 365 days whispering good times, do something better than eating Cheetos and watching porn all day, you should get real and realize that you suck. If you don’t want more from life, well, the back button will save you from this long hard read.

List all of your nasty habits and make a plan of removing them.


Important Things That Require your Attention Throughout the New Year

What was done and what’s still pending from last year?

If you have a goal, you should have a list of things that once you accomplish, will mean that the final goal you’ve set is reached. How is your life – in regards your career, love and social life? Do you go out, do you have fun, do you earn enough money? Ultimately, the question you should ask yourself is this: Are you satisfied with what you have, how you feel, and how you spend your time? If the answer is “NO”, then, you have yourself a plan. Something to pursue passionately – become satisfied in the areas you’re not satisfied. Pretty simple, right?

Let’s look at your career. If you’re not pleased with how much money you earn or the work you do, the obvious resolution are two: internal or external ones.

Internal –  what are the options inside the company you currently work for? Can you move up the corporate leader in the company you work for? How will this affect your financial and personal life?

External – Obviously, in which other company you can find happiness, increased salary, or both? Searching online is what you should do. Find top companies in a category you want to develop. See what are they offering, what’s needed to start working. Apply if you meet all of the requirements or start learning the things you’re lacking.

There is another category that plays a huge role in regards your personal development – personal (how obvious).

Personal – What can you do to earn money on the side? Can you turn your passion into a valuable business?


Highly Recommended Things That Will Improve Yourself

Looks, health, what we eat.

There is something we wish to everybody we know during the holidays, but we often neglect ourselves. I am talking about health. “I wish you happiness and, surely, strong health”; “I’m wishing you good health and happiness…”; “Wishing you good health and happiness in life”. These are some of the wishes circling around the web. Still, the human population suffers from a much larger variety of diseases resulting in a poor health.1

The gym membership card that you’re planning to buy in the beginning of the new year is a good thought. That means that you’re at least aware that there is something wrong and needs improving. Yet, the plan is to keep going to the gym once you have the card.2

How you, me, we all look, should be another thing listed on your to-do list for the new year.

You don’t have to wear a tuxedo when you go to the grocery store, but wearing pajamas or your bathrobe shouldn’t be also an option.3 A lot of times, this simple act – what you wear – helps you build confidence when outside, but in general, wearing a bathrobe outside the scope of your own residence is considered a fashion crime.

“Why the heal my looks have something to do with my new year’s resolution?” – You might think.

Well, a lot. There’s a lot written on the topic but the most important things are two:

  • People will look at you differently.
  • You will look at yourself differently.

Creating a recognizable image for yourself will eventually become your calling card, how people perceive you. As your personality, behavior, body shape, even your own smell is an inseparable part of yourself, the same should apply to what you wear.

Kind of logical, don’t you think?

Around 80% of your body is covered by clothes in 95% of the day. Clothes are the first thing other people notice about you.4 It’s quite normal if we wear nice, fresh, clean clothes, others to notice it. Also, I am not going to mention how this influence first impressions. I am just going to copy and paste this quote, that I am sure you haven’t heard before in my article: “Dress to impress” by Really Famous Person.

Very simple, yet very easy trick to make a lasting memory of yourself in other people’s minds is to make particular accessory an integral part of your outfit. Think about wearing a hat, bow tie, fancy watch, goggles to imagine it better.5


Optional Things

Make that tattoo already!

There is a certain list of things we all postpone as long as we alive. Like: making a tattoo, going to a dream place, jumping out of an airplane, inviting a girl you’re secretly in love with on a date, and etc.

“I will do it in the middle of the year”; “next month”; “tomorrow” – These are all excuses. We postpone our dreams, waiting for the perfect moment. In reality, we are either not interested in doing what we’re saying to others and saying it only to show off, or, we’re simply scared.

Time will never be perfect. There will always be obstacles or things that are uncertain. Still, that shouldn’t stop you, ever. Take a moment to list the things you’re constantly talking about but never daring of doing. If the list is long, too long, you’re either a scared asshole, you’re “all talk and no action” kind of guy, or you’re overworking yourself. If you’re the last guy, take a break for a moment.


To Recap

Still wondering how to start the New Year properly?

Think about things that make you really happy, but aren’t only wasting your time. Remember, time is our most valuable asset.

The new year is going to be hard, funny, sad, annoying, destructive, violent, cheerful, loving, emotional. No doubt there will be a lot of hurdles, followed by both huge failures, and great successes. What’s important, is a year from now we should aim to have come closer, if not with a few steps, with at least one step closer to our ultimate goal.

Influenced by the beginning of the year and the need for a plan for achieving greatness, also for what’s described in such great details above, I’ve created a life planner with included step-by-step process for filling all the blank fields – Planning Process Guide.

One more final thing before closing: what are your ambitions and goals for the new 2018? Share with us in the comment section below:



  1. The data to confirm this claim is surprisingly hard to find. However, you don’t have to be a scientist to see what’s going on around the world, the web, even around ourselves. Unfortunately, we, people, in general, eat unhealthy food, keep bad habits, have fewer ambitions.
  2. I keep mentioning the gym because statistically, 80 percent of the people who joined a gym in January quit within five months.
  3. I personally saw a guy wearing his bathrobe in a local store when I was visiting Minneapolis in the summer of 2017.
  4. Something not quite true for men. We, the guys, first analyze the front and the back. You know what I mean.
  5. Mystery, the famous Pickup artist, wears goggles most of the time – LINK

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