Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill Review

Outwitting the Devil Review

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Extremely powerful and influential book. Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill is a true 5-star book. It’s not only а book about self-improvement, it’s a book about facing your fears and finding a way to conquer them. Provocative and inspirational, no matter at what stage of your life you will read it, it will definitely help you improve.

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Title: Outwitting the Devil
Author: Napoleon Hill
Year: Written: 1938; Published: 10/02/2012
Length: 288 pages
Genre: Self-help, Business
Short Description: This manuscript has the power to change our core principles and the way we perceive life. Overcome your limitations and find your own way. Although the book was written more than 70 years ago, the content inside is completely true and it will be true for many years to come.



The books hold the key on how each of us can overcome the negative things that are happening in our own lives and holding us against living a happy and fulfilled life. In the face of the devil, the author is placing thoughts, habits, surroundings which are making us prisoners, slaves to his Majesty. The worst is that this serfdom doesn’t start when we are long gone, no, this is happening now. While we are still here, residents of the mother earth.

Hell is not somewhere we go after life, is here, is now. Napoleon Hill explains how we, people, fall under his domination and how we can escape from it.

It shows us how to plan our journey to success.


My Opinion

Napoleon Hill uses really unique approach to present us this evil existence – by interviewing the Devil himself. The whole dialogue between them is something you should definitely read and live for yourself. The book was written back in 1938, but Hill’s wife hid it from the world because back then she thought, that the world is not ready from what we will find inside. And she was right. The books highlight a lot of topics that wouldn’t have been accepted at that time. Although the book was written more than 70 years ago, the content inside is completely true and it will be true for many years to come.

The book was a wake-up call for me. It shook my values and made me rethink the way I want to live my life. At that time I was hitting bottom after bottom and I thought that I will never escape this never ending circle of despair.

Live purposefully with passion and with a clear idea of what you want to do, be and how to achieve it.” Napoleon Hill


Key Takeaways:

Here are some of the most insightful things I would really like to remember from this book:


Hesitant – The Worst Disease Ever

Have you ever felt paralyzed from not able to make a simple decision? I have. You rethink the same thing over and over and never end up with a final solution.

Some people struggle with this their whole lives.

Sometimes you know what to do, but you’re not sure how to act or how exactly to apply what you know. However, in most of the cases, we end up postponing a simple task and act on the safe side. Only because, we are afraid of the change from the other solution.

You can see hesitant people every day. Looking around, not knowing where to go, what to do or say.  Such people tend to spend an enormous amount of time at the grocery store. Simply because they are questioning every product.

Being hesitant is not a quality you want to in your skillset, sort to say. If you are, others will notice this pretty much immediately after you meet them.



Fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of love, old age, and death. These are the six most effective fears with which the Devil is keeping us his prisoners.

If you think about it for a moment, you will notice how all of the things above are slowly installed in our brains while we grow. By the age of 12, we can be already mentally damaged by the other kids our age. If we, or our parents, don’t notice this in time, we will probably grow up having all sorts of issues. The worst, by my experience, is having low self-esteem resulting to a really awkward conversation with the opposite sex, tragic job interviews, constant anxiety while attending social events. As you can imagine, this can really hurt and keep you away from evolving as a person.

Fear of poverty is even worse – we are so drastically scared of losing our jobs that we never do anything out of the safe zone. A lot of us start a job, thinking that is going to be a temporary one, but never have the balls to quit to pursue their true calling.

Become immune to these fears by believing in yourself and your skills, connect with the right people, find your true calling.



We are sent to school to get grades and to memorize knowledge by heart, not to understand what we want from life.

Ever since I can remember, my mother was constantly repeating that I have to get good grades, to graduate – “How else you will find a good job?” – she was saying. Well, I graduated – school, high-school, master’s degree. Did I get a good job? Not that instant. Actually, I developed in completely different area than what I’ve learned for so many years. I lived with this false expectation for so many years.

Our current educational system is focused only towards filling our brains with facts, data, information won’t help us in real life. The things we learn don’t give us solutions, answers, what to expect and most importantly how to handle real life cases and issues. We had to learn these things the hard way – after we experience them.

The worst thing, in my opinion, is that often school stops kids from finding, developing their true talent. If we can change only this, we will be in the right direction.


Set Goals

By defining and clearly stating your goals, you will gain control over your life.

There is nothing more powerful than understanding what you really want in life and doing the necessary steps to achieve that. The process by which you can really accomplish the previous is by setting clear, well-defined goals.

Probably the best way to picture that in your mind is if you imagine a list of groceries, or else, which is even better, way of cooking a recipe. To prepare a dish, we need to get all listed ingredients inside the recipe, once we acquire them, we have to strictly follow the defined steps. Here’s where it gets really awkward and unfair, like real life. Even if we have all the pieces and we follow the steps we can still fail miserably. However, in some cases, we can have a limited amount of the products and do only a few of the things in the recipe but still end up with something delicious. What do you think this is called in life? Talent. Some people are more talented by others in certain areas and can accomplish more with very little.

When tackling life, set a goal that resonates to your persona. After that, list all of the things that you will need to reach that goal. No matter if these things are material or not.


Faith – The Foundation of All Great Achievements

Faith, self-believe is the real fuel that keeps the creator, entrepreneur, innovator pushing, trying to accomplish his goal no matter the temporary failures.

The world’s greatest achievements became a reality only after series of defeats. One of the most mentioned examples is the journey Thomas Edison took. He failed more than 10,000 times till he figured out how exactly to harvest electricity from the mother nature. This miracle was revealed to him thanks to his firm belief, that he can accomplish his goal.

It takes some real balls to keep trying after so many failures. The people who will keep pushing after so many obstacles are the ones who really believe in their craft and the ones that will truly succeed. Napoleon Hill refers to these people to those who found and revealed their “Other self”.

According to him, everybody has two identities. One of which is motivated and responds to the impulses of the fear. The other, find inspiration and momentum in faith.

As you can imagine, the first identity, won’t accomplish anything till it connects to her other, better part.


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