Corehusle exists to help you focus on what matters most in this world. Provoke you towards action, guide you find a real, meaningful direction in your life, then cut through the infinite information, all the shitty stock, fake friendships, procrastination and mediocre lifestyle.

My site prime effort is to make you believe. Believe, that things can be better for you, your family, your business. The only thing that is needed from your is to really want it. Want it with all of your heart, show up every day, hustle daily to reach your core goal and life mission. Yes, it will be hard, exhausting, you will want to quit but that’s why we are here.


Things that drive me:

If you’re thinking who is that “me”, I am talking about, it’s this dude here –> About Ivaylo Durmonski

1. Personal

The site is run by me – Ivaylo. I am a real person with real problems and successes. Not a corporative firm with a sole purpose to earn money by placing hundreds of ads. I am here to express my own, personal opinion to the world and hopefully help you.

2. Free Speech

Why so formal? Why can’t you say what you want to say? I say what I want to say and don’t hold back from using, sometimes, not so appropriate words. Yes, and a lot of sarcasm. I love it and I use it constantly in my offline life.

3. Readers First

It’s all about you, the reader. The main reason this site exists is to help you improve. The overall design, content, is carefully selected towards the best user experience. I see stuff that I don’t like on other sites and I simply don’t do them on mine.

4. Less

In the era consumption, we often forget and get lost in what really matters. We have hundreds of friends, ton of clothes, hand full of gadgets but this still isn’t enough. Having less stuff we bring us more happiness.

5. Hustle

Move, bump, act, do something. Life is too short to sit and relax. Hustle means “to move rapidly”; “energetic action”. Yes, it also means making money selling shit, but that doesn’t make it a bad word.

6. Rebellion

Personal rebellion against laziness and mediocre. Corehustle offers real, meaningful, thought provoking content towards living a saner life. Accepting your weakness and understanding your powers, that’s how you can be better.

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