Short Book About Meaning

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Title: Meaning – Short book about finding meaningful purpose to pursue
Author: Ivaylo Durmonski
Year: 05/10/2017
Length: 37 pages
Genre: Short Books, Self-help
Short Description: The aim of this brief book is to help you find the core reason you exist. Everything in life happens for a reason. Mother nature doesn’t just create without any real meaning. We usually don’t see it straight away, but we all have a particular reason to exist. It’s our duty as people to find what it is.


Short book about finding meaningful purpose to pursue…

… will help you determine your current state in life, understand your real interests, and show you how to find content in your life. If you’re wondering what should you do with your life and what direction to take, this book will help you find a clearer path and set the foundations for a brighter future.


Who is this for:

People who find it hard to determine what path they should take in life, and those of you who are looking for an answer to one, or all, of the following questions: What is the meaning of life?; What is my purpose?; Why should I do when I get up in the morning?

What Others Are Saying:

  • Simply amazing. I think I finally found a path for my life. I was looking for a practical guide that can show me the "way". So many books have too much junk cluttering them up. This is practically perfect in every way! Hope to see more books from you, Ivo. Thanks!

  • Every day, we get stuck in the trap of existing instead of actually living. In this book, Ivo focuses on what really makes a difference in our lives: a meaningful purpose to pursue. Along the way, he structures the process and provides a practical guide to start discovering your real needs.

  • In this short book, Ivo keeps it practical: offering rationale behind the guidelines, and curating the info at a level that doesn't bog down or intimidates.


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