Short Book About Planning

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Title: Planning – Short Book About Making Big Life Plans
Author: Ivaylo Durmonski
Year: 14/12/2017
Length: 40 pages
Genre: Short Books, Self-help
Short Description: Staying organized in this busy world is becoming harder with each passing day, product produced, and social media channel launched. Learn why planning is essential in our daily lives and understand the three main planning stages that will have you gain control over your life.


Short book about making big life plans…

…will help you understand why it’s important to plan your life, what the overall process involves, and how do it. Accuracy, planning, and time management may seem annoying and insignificant, and they often are, however, constantly postponing tasks, being irresponsible to how you spend your day, and not thinking about the future, will eventually lead to a life full of discomfort and unsatisfaction.


Who is this for:

People who hardly meet deadlines, tend to forget, want to achieve something more in their lives. Also, for those of you who are looking for the answer to one of the following questions: How can I make more free time in my life?; How to organize myself?; How to find direction in life?


What Others Are Saying:

  • The simplicity of this short books inspires you to rethink everything you thought you knew about short and long-term goals.

  • For me, Short Book About Making Big Life Plans posed a new challenge: to finally sit down and write a plan for my self and the future I want. This small book is really useful. I will soon get the planning process.


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