Short Books for People Who Want to Advance

Author’s note

As a reader, I’ve always searched to buy books that offer either а practical advice, or, ask a tough question. If the book doesn’t leave you with something to think about, or something to use, what’s the point of having it, right? These short books aim to educate the reader, you, on a specific topic, give you actionable advice and leave you with some hard questions to chew on, the answer of which, will help you become progress. That, in essence, is my approach. I focus heavily on editing to trim the useless text and leave you only with core knowledge that is written in a very human language. I am positive you will find them useful.

short-book-about-meaningMeaning: Short Book About Finding Meaning by Ivaylo Durmonski

Planning: Short Book About Making Big Life Plans by Ivaylo Durmonski

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