What is The Meaning of Life – Like, Seriously?

There is always a beginning. Your day began after opening your eyes and probably getting caught up on social media. You began a relationship recently, a new job, you just started to read this article. Everything has a beginning, middle and ending as well as our lives. What we do in the middle is what does actually counts.

A couple of years back, my main mission in life was to find a girl that will love me nearly as much I loved her. Once I met Her (with capital H), I aimed at something different, finding a good and secure job that will earn me enough money to make a living and start a family. Got that covered too. Next, was getting an apartment in my hometown, which I did before becoming 30 which I am really proud of.

All of the above was probably what I’ve ever dreamed off, + getting a PlayStation (which I also got), still, only after a month, when I “had it all”, I felt empty. I’ve done what I wanted and now what?

If you make a quick search for the most common question asked online you will see that it’s this one:

What is the meaning of life?” followed by What should I do with my life“. These two are the most asked questions from millions of people all over the world.


How come so many people are searching for an answer to this question?

Since we all have needs, and these needs have to be covered by money, we obviously need a good job to satisfy those needs. Whether we like it or not, we spend an awful amount of time working, thus we need to find something that we really enjoy, right? Not exactly. Only focusing on work won’t make you a complete person, we do need to feel love, have fun, communicate, go out and etc.

But those things have an ending too. You will probably won’t work for the same company till the rest of your life, you can’t have endless fun or go out every night (I’ve tried it once and I only lasted a month). You need to find a bigger goal. Something that will have a positive impact on many others, not only you.

Bottom line: probably the ultimate thing that we need to achieve for the time we are here is to make something that lasts, that will outlive us, something that will be beneficial, helpful for more than only ourselves. What is the meaning of life – Should be a never-ending process of self-improvement and helping the ones around you.

To give you even better perspective and ideas, I’ve prepared 5 things to consider achieving during your lifetime:


5 Different Perspectives on a Meaningful Life

1. Start a Family and be a Good Parent

Probably the one sole purpose we are here on this planet – to replicate.

Like any living mammal, we are here to replicate and create our own legacy. Leave someone to continue the clan. Of course, this is far more evolved it was before 2 billion years.

Even though it might seem easy to start a family, being a good parent does come with a couple of obstacles:

  • Partner: Obviously, you will need a partner that you love and cherish – and he/she feels the same way about you. These days I think is becoming ever harder to find a person to connect and really trust. Not that you can’t be a single parent but I am sure it would be harder not only for yourself but for your kids too.
  • Stable atmosphere: A place where you will all feel safe and protected. Where you will have enough room and privacy. Acquiring (purchasing) that place is the real obstacle here.
  • Time: Time well spent with your whole family. Do whatever it takes to be a part of your children lives even when they are little and they don’t yet understand much. And give them room to breathe when they grow up.
  • Educate: Teach your kids to be good people. They should understand what is good and what is bad. Doing bad things shouldn’t be tolerated. Be an example. Also, teach them to pursue their dreams and think about what they want to become.
  • Force majeure: Stuff that are out of our control. It’s really sad but there are people that for whatever reason can’t have a baby. Still, there are ways to start a family by adopting or undergo an operation.


2. Invent Something that Will Improve The Lives of Others

Some of us are real craftsmen, engineers.

These people can turn an old rusty car to a motorcycle or create a vacuum cleaner from a plastic bottle. Yes, it sounds like a real scam but there are people who’ve done it. See this guy here – how to turn broken down car into a motorcycle or this one make a vacuum cleaner from a bottle.

If you have the skill set to create something from a pile of junk then, you should definitely consider inventing a tool focused on solving an important problem for society.

There are a lot of things you can devote your life to. Things that can improve our lives in all kind of fields – transportation, energy, water supplies, technologies and more.

Start small. Start with the things you’ve always wanted to be better, build them and present them to the world.


3. Heal

I don’t understand a lot about medicine but I know enough to know there are a lot of problems in the world.

People are suffering from all kind of diseases worldwide. I am not talking only about HIV and Cancer. Some of the so-called modern diseases like – Obesity, Liver Disease, Weight Loss – are taking lives of millions.

If you are in the healthcare sphere, don’t just keep what you know for yourself. Rather try to help other people with your knowledge.

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to connect to people and share your knowledge and expertise – social media, blogging, youtube.


4. Entertain People

How the hell this will help mankind?

By this, I don’t only mean telling jokes, there are a lot of ways to entertain and delight people:

  • Writing stories, books.
  • Through a different type of art – photography, painting, movies, design, music.
  • Recording interesting, educational videos in a particular niche.

How long will people talk, read, share your art depends on the quality of it.

J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the book series Lord of the Rings between the years of 1937 and 1949. Even though it was written more than 65 years ago it’s still is one of the best-selling books and had a huge impact on millions of people.


5. Inspire and Teach People

You don’t have to be a CEO of a company to inspire people.

If you have something meaningful to say, just say it. Share your expertise with people, your knowledge, your experience. Help people remove the things that are affecting their lives in a negative way and show them how to stop drifting through life.

Even if you don’t have a leadership role in the company you work for, you still can do your job in the best possible way, inspire the people around and share with them your knowledge.

However, avoid being the “know it all guy” who constantly have something “better” to say to the others. No one likes that guy. Mainly, because you can sense that he is not doing it for you, he is doing it for himself.

Here are 3 simple ways to inspire more people:

  • You can inspire people from the local gym by teaching the people who visit how to live a healthier life.
  • You can inspire people from the place you work, by helping them become more productive, efficient and acquire the promotion they’ve always wanted.
  • You can inspire your friends, your family members and teach them the things you’ve learned, you have experience in.


Ok, How Can I Do This

Once in a while, I think about my childhood and how different it was back then. We still didn’t have the Internet and mobile devices were super expensive and not so broadly used. In order to share something with a friend, I had to go to his place and tell him what I wanted to say. Now, we can communicate through all kinds of channels.

At really affordable cost we can share text, voice, video, pictures messages to anyone we want in the world real-time.

Use this technology to become someone worth listening to. Here are a couple of ways to reach a wider audience with very little costs:

  • Start a blog.
  • Create a youtube channel.
  • Make a Facebook group.
  • Write a book.

First, find what really inspires you and become a real expert that field.

Second, use the channels above to connect with people, share with them your thoughts, products but more importantly than anything else – help people improve.

Nowadays it’s not about – How can I do this? – It rather is – What’s the real problem? How can I help more people?


To Recap

So seriously – what is the meaning of life?

If we ask our reptilian brain it will say this – Survive and Replicate.

If we ask our moms they will probably say this – Be well fed, wear warm clothes and find a “good” job.

If we ask your wife – What is the meaning of your life? – she will probably say this – Earn more money, listen to me, take me to exotic places and to the mall more often.

There isn’t a universal answer to this question. For me, it’s making, creating, something that will outlive me. Something that will hopefully inspire people and help them improve their lives.

I am still not sure what will this thing be, but I decided to start with this site – corehustle.com.

For you, it might be inventing a device that will play songs according to your thoughts or simply by helping the 20 people in your community live a healthier life.

Remember, giving back to the world it’s what really counts at the end of the day/life.

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